Thank You to an amazing group of
Earth Day Volunteers.
The Cartecay River Thanks YOU!

Sending out a big Huge Thank You and Hug to
all of the fantastic people that came out to help
clean up the Cartecay River yesterday for
. We had a total of 43 people stop in to help!
Amazing. Some never paddled before and
picked a fine time to get hooked.
Church On The Move...what can I say??? You
guys Rock! Thank you for coming out and playing
music for all of us to enjoy the day by...It was
To William G, GCA and OAC...S, you all were so
helpful and eager with your motivating spirit and
help. You all did such a great job. I cant believe
some of the big huge things you were able to
haul out of the river...An old Paddle Boat, tables
and chairs..OH MY! AWC as usual your
commitment to the Cartecay is always Inspiring.
We look forward to a fresh new season of Water,
Fun and Adventure with you.

Chili Run 2013

for the support of all
of our kayaking friends, friends old
and new ones too.
Because of all of you we are able to
 keep this Tradition Alive

As Always, we want to Thank Jay
and Fuzzy for being Crazy enough
to begin this outlandish tradition
many many years ago..
to Another Amazing  Year!!!
The Tradition Continues
January 1st

Grab your friends and Bring It!
Ring in The New Year on The Cartecay

We will be set to paddle @ 9-10ish with SHUTTLES Ready to Roll,
Equipment for the adventurous and a Bonfire blazing
New Year's Day Celebrations continue with chili eating, smack talking and
crazy river loving family comrade in abundance.
This is a BYOS, bring your own
stuff,  event. There will be electricity
available for anyone who needs it. So Everyone bring your favorite Chili,
some Fixins or whatever you like.
There is always Pot Luck of Plenty for Sharing.
We do this to honor our beloved Cartecay River friends and leaders Jay
and Fuzzy who began this tradition over 25 years ago.

Let Us Make Them Proud!